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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Echo Makers by Richard Powers

Richard Powers was awarded the National Book Award in 2006 for this compelling novel.
Set in Nebraska on the Platte River at a place where migrating cranes stop, this remarkable novel tells the story of Martin Schulter, a 27 year old man who rolls his truck. He is diagnosed with Capgrass Syndrome. People and objects that were important to him before the accident like his sister, his home and his dog, he now rejects. His gut feelings tell him that they are imposters.

In desperation, his sister Karen, turns to Gerald Weber an Oliver Saks like character who is intrigued by the case. It is not often that a scientist can observe Capgrass up close.
Gerald Weber, however, has his own problems. His latest book is not selling well. He worries about his own brain functions and his once solid marriage is on shaky ground. He seems unable to help. Karen then turns to Mark's old friend, environmentalist Daniel Riegel. She re-establishes a relationship with an old lover, a successful real estate developer.

There are mysteries. A note left by Marks bedside on the night of the accident possibly holds a key to what happened but no one can explain it. Who is the very competent care-giver Barbara Gillespie and what impact does she have on the lives of both Mark and Gerald Weber?

Powers explores themes of the human brain and how it functions, environmental concerns, and stewardship. He looks at how people attempts to make sense of their individual worlds.
This is a brilliant read.


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