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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Michel Tremblay has written four magical autobiographical narratives: Birth of a Bookworm, Bambi and Me, Twelve Opening Acts, Bonbon Assortis.
The first, Birth of a Bookworm will be treasured by anyone who has fallen in love with words on a page. As a young boy, Michel loved the library and went to great lengths to be admitted to the adult section. He tells of being captivated by among others, Jules Verne, The Brothers Grimm and Robert Louis Stevenson. These great writers inspired his imagination and eventually led him to begin his storytelling through novels and plays that reflected his particular culture and his world. He talks of the relationship with his mother as he journeyed through his reading.

Bonbon Assortis, the fourth narrative, recounts his early years in Montreal It is filled with vignettes featuring his much loved and indominable mother who kept her (bonbons) chocolates under her bed, the aunt who inspired the character Albertine, and his prickly grandmother. As well there are other family stories such as the escapade of the uncle who contrives to have Santa call Michel from the North Pole and has to deal with the complications he sets in motion. Michel fondly recounts the moments he spent with his father.
From his favorite place under the dining room table, Michel views the interaction of the nine members of his family. On one occasion, he was summoned to deliver a wedding present to the neighbours. It is a story, both funny and poignant, of how a proud family attempts to hide its poverty.

Tremblay's two other narratives:
Bambi and Me is his memoir of his early interaction with film.
Twelve Opening Acts relates his first encounters with the theatre.
Through these books we enter the world that inspired this gifted writer.


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