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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Natural Flights of the Human Mind by Clare Morrell

Believing that he is responsible for the deaths of 78 people, Peter Stryker moves to a lighthouse on the Devon Coast. Peter speaks to no one. His guilt has driven him to investigate the lives of the people who died and to keep them alive in his dreams.

Imogene Doody, suffering from the suicide of a sister and angry after being abandoned by her husband many years before, finds herself in the small community when she inherits a run-down house and barn. Despite her abrupt, off-putting manner. Imogene strikes up a relationship with the silent Peter as they work to restore the house and find a surprise in the barn.

As the 25th anniversary of the accident approaches, the families of the victims of the accident
are intent on revenge. They descend into the village. Their destination is confronation at the lighthouse, which is now in a precarious state.

This is a superb read. Morrell's themes of anger, guilt, revenge and forgiveness are worked out
beautifully. I heartily recommend it.