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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Missing by Karen Alvtgen

Karen Alvtgen is another terrific mystery writer from Scandinavia. Sibylla Forestenstrom,
32 years old, has been an invisible person for 15 years. All her belongings fit into her rucksack and she spends her days foraging for food and finding safe shelter. The daughter of well-to-do
parents, she has disappeared from the world.

Suddenly she becomes the most wanted person in Sweden when one of her schemes to find a
place to sleep goes awry and is she found in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is accused
of a brutal murder. When a second similar murder takes place, she finds herself in a desperate
situation. Staying alive and well in the streets of Stockholm is a challenge for a homeless
person at the best of times, but for Sibylla, it becomes an overwhelming task. Seemingly friendless, she meets a surprising ally. As Sybilla struggles to extricate herself, using money she has hoarded for a sanctuary for herself, we learn of the events of her life that lead to her estrangement with her family.. She finds she must take on the almost impossible task of solving the murders. And therein lies the danger. Great read.


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