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Monday, January 08, 2007

Heart Matters by Adrienne Clarkson

In her memoir, HEART MATTERS, Adrienne Clarkson, tells her story beginning with her life in Hong Kong and her family's escape from the Japanese occupation. Growing up in Ottawa, studying in Toronto and Paris and finding her vocation as a broadcaster helped to shape the women who became Governor General.
Clarkson's relationship with her parents had much to do with the person she would become. She adored her father who inspired her. Her complicated relationship with her mother was challenging for her.
Clarkson assumed the role of Governor General, applying her language skills, her knowledge of the country and her understanding of the role of the Governor General. She and John Ralston Saul used Rideau Hall to showcase the artists and writers of Canada. They travelled the length and breadth of the country giving Canadians an opportunity to be seen and heard by their Governor General. Finally they carried the message of Canada abroad.

I have admired Adrienne Clarkson and was looking forward to her story. I believe she understood the role of Governor General and truly carried out her mandate. It was unfortunate that she was caught up in the politics of the time and was treated unfairly. It is true that no undertaking of the Governor General happens without the approval of the government.
This is an informative look at the role of the Governor General in Canada.


Anonymous Theoldcoot said...

Really? The best thing I can think about Adrienne Clarkson is that she somehow managed to convince John Ralston Saul to partner up. Still, I did think she livened up the GG. For all that that matters...But if you say her book is worth reading, I believe it.

9:08 AM  

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