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Friday, October 20, 2006

Bus Griffiths

Bus Griffiths was a gift to the book world. We met Bus and Marg when Harbour Publishing put out NOW YOU'RE LOGGING. It was our first fall in the book store and I expected a logger--one of those big strapping fellows. When Bus walked through the door, imagine my surprise, to find this slight gentle man introducing himself.
And what a lovely man he was--he doffed his cap and sat to exchange stories with some of the old loggers who dropped in. Some years later when we saw him again, he told the story of having an art show in Vancouver. Some of his old friends spent a very long time examining one painting. Then they came and said "You know Bus, I don't think you got that rope quite right." I expect they were wrong. The reviews for Bus's book commented on the the astonishing detail he included and praised dit as an invaluable tool for researchers. It was very special to have met Bus and
and learn about logging from a pro.


Anonymous David Alexander said...

Hi Thora,

Great site! I am the 'still fairly new' Communications Officer at the Vancouver Island Regional Library and I stumbled across your site when doing a search for VIRL.

In a previous life I was part of a team that created a virtual exhibition for the BC Forest Discovery Centre - We used a number of Bus's illustrations within the site (with permission of course!) and we found when we focus group tested the site with elementry school kids - nothing got the ideas of logging and it's importance on Vancouver Island across like the material that Bus had created.


12:51 PM  

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