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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The New Yorker talks about its young fictioneers list

"...these twenty men and women dazzlingly represent the multiple strands of inventiveness and vitality that characterize the best fiction being written in this country today.' --Editors of the New Yorker on their new 20 under 40 list.

A Readers persepective on New Yorker fiction:

"Say what you will, The New Yorker is one of our culture’s most stalwart curators of this type of literary experience. For that reason, its editors’ vision of the future of fiction is worth considering. It’s my hope that, like the 1999 issue, the 2010 version will include some surprising treats that open up new readerly enthusiasms for me..." Frank Kovarik, The Millions

Do today's young writers bear up? Looking at 20 under 40 lists from the past, real and imagined:


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