The idea of this blog is to facilitate the love of reading by collecting news about new books, or sometimes good old books. It is also dedicated to stamping out the scourge of e-books, Kindles, Kobo's, i-Pads, and all other such abominations.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Welcome to Thorasbook

There are many problems in life but the one that this blog addresses is one of the most delicious: namely WHAT DO WE READ NEXT? And we mean, what BOOK, printed on paper with ink and bound with glue, not any cancer-causing, eyesight-destroying, short-attention-span-pandering battery-using gadget that serves up digits for a new generation that probably spends most of its time time playing mindless computer games on their i-Pads while only pretending they are reading a book. Is true book reading a dying art? NOT FOR US! We just want to cram as many great reads into our lives as we can. So many books, so little time....


Anonymous Longbooklover said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Thora! My daughter and I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. We will be forever thankful to you for your kind assistance one day many years ago on the ferry dock. It was so hard to sell, but the move East opened many doors; my daughter's BSc/Human Bio, with distinction, MPH program at U of T,October lecture at UBC and trip to Oxford, UK this March, to present her many published papers on Women's Mental Health/Addictions Research. She's working towards becoming a Dr. of Public Health. Thank you again for being such a wonderful neighbor, caring and kind spirit. You made such a difference in our lives that day. Blessings always! Peggy & Jodi Gatley.

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